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Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art or skill of combining text and images together

Graphic design is applicable to various forms of media, both online and printed.

Some examples of online graphic design will include:

Some examples of print design will include:

The layout or design of something as straightforward or simple as a letterhead or business card still involves graphic design, and it can either look good, and create the image that you want for your business, or it can create a poor impression, and potentially have a negative impact on your business.

Good graphic design is not just about making something look good artistically or aesthetically, graphic design has to work in conjunction with other skills such as copywriting, or the technical aspect of production, so that the finished product is effective, and actually achieves the objective that it is designed for.

An objective might be; to give an explanation or information; to prompt an action such as visiting a website; to propt someone to buy.

Most graphic design projects will have to be combined with other skills, depending on whether the purpose is to provide information or to achieve a sale for example, skills such as copywriting and selling skills may be needed.

Pricing, and working with Web Designs and More

A graphic design project can vary enormously.

Is the design for an online medium or a print medium? Some design projects can be very quick and straightforward, whilst others can involve a large amount of design work and incorporate other skills such as copywriting

To be able to give an indication of timescale and pricing, the individual project has to be assessed

We start the process by having an initial conversation with you, that conversation could be by telephone, video conferencing, or in person

This conversation will be used for us to learn what you require, we will also aim to learn about your business or organisation, and we will work out with you a suitable solution to fit your requirements

This introductory, learning conversation, is free, there is no fee, and there is no committment for you to continue the process any further

The stage after the free introductory meeting is that we will provide you with an outline of our proposals for your graphic design project, including the timescale and fees

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