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Copywriting is about producing the information that your potential customers will be reading.

and if it is effective prompting them to buy

Copywriting can have different purposes, and to be effective that purpose must be kept in mind

What is the purpose of the writing?

Copywriting is relevant to many different forms of media that your organisation may produce, including:

If information is unclear or confusing; if information is poorly structured; if information is difficult to find; the likely result is a potential client looking for a different company

Poor grammar, spelling, or using the wrong word has the potential to destroy your professionalism or credibility; is it 'affect' or 'effect'? is it 'stationary' or stationery'? is it 'there', 'their' or 'they're'?

Good copywriting explains information clearly, in a logical and structured way.

Effective copywriting is going to gently, lead and persuade the reader to take a course of action that you want them to; this might be to sign up to a newsletter; this might be to make contact, to get more information; this might be to make a purchase.

Copywriting for a website also needs to be mindful of search engine optimisation, SEO. Search engines such as Google will read the text on the website, and this will help it to decide how important and relevant the website is

Copywriting needs to be aware of both the needs of the potential client, and the aspects that search engines will look at; effective copywriting will satisfy both requirements

We will tailor any copy that we write, to match the medium it is being used for, and the desired objective

Research into the topic being written about, is an extremely important aspect of good copywriting

Any copy written without proper research is likely to give the impression of either being nothing more than a sales pitch, or can look as though it is full of padding and has no knowledge or substance

Copy that we write about your business will only be written after we have talked to you, and properly understood exactly what your business does; how it does it; what it offers to clients; why a client should use your business; and probably the answers to several other questions as well.

Anything less than this will not result in good effective copy being written

Pricing, and working with Web Designs and More

A copywriting project can vary enormously.

To be able to give an indication of timescale and pricing, the individual project has to be assessed

We start the process by having an initial conversation with you, that conversation could be by telephone, video conferencing, or in person

This conversation will be used for us to learn what you require, we will also aim to learn about your business or organisation, and we will work out with you a suitable solution to fit your requirements

This introductory, learning conversation, is free, there is no fee, and there is no committment for you to continue the process any further

The stage after the free introductory meeting is that we will provide you with an outline of our proposals for your copywriting project, including the timescale and fees

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