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Advert Design

We can design an advert for any online medium, including:

We can design an advert for any print medium, including:

Adverts usually have one of two purposes:

Maintaining brand awareness is most applicable to the companies that are so big and well known, that they don't really need to advertise. The reason that these companies advertise is just to keep their name prominent. Any advert that includes the company name will probably achieve the objective of maintaining brand awareness.

Selling something is the purpose of most advertising

When the purpose of an advert is to prompt someone to make a purchase, it needs to prompt an action, that might be to make an immediate purchase, or alternatively the advert might be designed to prompt an action such as visit a website, but that would usually be with the aim of leading someone towards making a purchase.

Many adverts can have artistic merit, or be eyecatching, but this alone does not make them an effective advert.

Some adverts will be memorable, maybe because they are especially amusing, or prompt an emotional response, but in some cases, whilst the advert is memorable, the name of the company or product, is not remembered! The advert has effectively failed.

When we design an advert, we always have the objective in mind, whether it is to get someone to visit your business; visit your website; or make a purchase; and that is always the focus of the advert.

When an advert is designed to sell, it is a blend of the technical skills in producing the media; the artistic skills to make it look good and attrcat attention; copywriting skills to persuade the viewer to act; and selling skills to achieve the sale.

Pricing, and working with Web Designs and More

An advert design project can vary enormously.

Is the advert for an online medium or a print medium? Some advert design projects can be very quick and straightforward, whilst others can involve a large amount of design work and copywriting

To be able to give an indication of timescale and pricing, the individual project has to be assessed

We start the process by having an initial conversation with you, that conversation could be by telephone, video conferencing, or in person

This conversation will be used for us to learn what you require, we will also aim to learn about your business or organisation, and we will work out with you a suitable solution to fit your requirements

This introductory, learning conversation, is free, there is no fee, and there is no committment for you to continue the process any further

The stage after the free introductory meeting is that we will provide you with an outline of our proposals for your advertising project, including the timescale and fees

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